Invited Speakers

Gustavo Azevedo - CNPEM (Campinas - Brazil)

Title to be confirmed.

Andris Bakuzis - UFG (Goiânia - Brazil)

Can infrared surface temperature measurements be used to determine intratumoral thermal dose during magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia

Alex F. C. Campos - UnB (Brasília - Brazil)

Application of core@shell based magnetic nanoadsorbents for water remediation

Sophie Cassaignon - UPMC Sorbonne Université (Paris - France)

From synthesis to applications : Design of nanomaterials for property control

Andrejs Cebers - University of Latvia (Riga - Latvia)

Dynamics of flexible ferromagnetic filaments

Emmanuelle Dubois - UPMC Sorbonne Université (Paris - France)

Ferrofluids in ionic liquids: high temperature study

Adalberto Fazzio - CNPEM (Campinas - Brazil)

Towards Realistic Amorphous Topological Insulators

Dino Fiorani - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Rome - Italy)

Coating effects on the magnetic properties of spinel ferrite nanoparticles

Julian Geshev - UFRGS (Porto Alegre - Brazil)

Discerning bulk from interface interactions in magnetic nanostructures

Sérgio Lira - UFAL (Maceió - Brazil)

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of a trapped nanoparticle in high vacuum

Fabrizio Messina - UNIPA (Palermo - Italy)

Towards a thorough understanding of the photophysics of Carbon Nanodots - Paving the way to fully harness their potential in photo-nano-technologies.

Sawako Nakamae - CEA Saclay (Paris - France)

 Recent Advancements in Nano-Fluid Thermoelectric Research

Antonio Figueireido Neto - USP (São Paulo - Brazil)

Influence of magnetic field on the two-photon absorption and hyper-Rayleigh scattering of

manganese-zinc ferrite (MZ) nanoparticles

Miguel Novak - UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

Dynamics of highly anisotropic magnetic chains

Fernando Albuquerque de Oliveira - Univ. de Brasília (Brasília - Brazil)

The Kubo Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem

Alberto Lopez Ortega - Univ. de Castilla la Mancha (Toledo - Spain)

Strongly Exchange Coupled Core|Shell Nanoparticles with High Magnetic Anisotropy: A Strategy Toward Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets

Leonardo G. Paterno - Univ. de Brasília (Brasília - Brazil)

Electronic tongue: multisensor array for classification and quantitative analysis of liquid samples

Davide Peddis - UNIGE (Genoa - Italy)

Design advanced magnetic nanocomposites based on transition metal oxides

Régine Perzynski - UPMC Sorbonne Université (Paris - France)

Thermodiffusion probing of ferrofluids in ionic liquids

Veronique Peyre - UPMC Sorbonne Université (Paris - France)

Colloidal materials in ionic liquids: influence of ionic and water content on dispersions stability

Souad Ammar - Université Paris Diderot (Paris - France)

About the exchange-bias feature in magnetically contrasted oxide-based SPSed nanoconsolidates

The 5th of 3NANO will revolve around plenary discussions and bring a wide and exhaustive overview of the “nano community” achievements. Experts in nanomaterials science, nanotechnology and miniaturized devices, nanomedicine, nanometrology, renewable energy, among other fields related to the “nano world”, are expected. The format of the conference will be based on several invited talks (30m) of leading scientists, as well as oral presentations (15m) and posters, together with a special session for younger researchers.

Yuriy Raikher - Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Russian Academy of Science, Ural Branch (Perm - Russia)

Magnetoactive elastomers of mixed content: Magnetic interaction of the filler particles

Johans Restrepo - Universidad de Antioquia (Medelín - Colombia)

Dual reversal modes by helicity control in ferromagnetic nanotubes: Monte Carlo simulation and micromagnetic approach

Montserrat Rivas - Universidad de Oviedo (Gijón - Spain)

Using magnetic nanoparticles for rapid bioanalysis in health and food

Valeria Rodionova -  Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad - Russia)

Title to be confirmed.

Kalliopi Trohidou - Demokritos Research Center (Athens - Greece)

Magnetic behavior of binary assemblies of nanoparticles

Daniel Ugarte - UNICAMP (Campinas - Brazil)

Fine Structural Characterization of Nanoscale Materials exploiting Precession Electron Diffraction (PED)

Justin Wells - NTNU (Trondheim - Norway)

The electronic bandstructure of atomically sharp dopant structures in silicon

Roberta Brayner - Université Paris Diderot (Paris - France)

Alginate@PLGA nanocomposite beads for the prolonged delivery of haloperidol antipsychotic to the brain via an oral route

Gerardo Goya - UNIZAR (Zaragoza - Spain)

Low-dimensional assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles improve in vitro heating power through dipolar Interactions

Tommaso del Rosso - PUC-Rio (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

The carbon beyond the gold: a novel insight on the potentialities of ligand-free pulsed laser ablation of a gold target in water

Roberto Zysler - Instituto Balseiro (Bariloche - Argentina)

Controlling the Dominant Magnetic Relaxation Mechanisms through the shell composition of bi-magnetic core-shell Fe3O4/ZnxCo1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles